Centre for Advancement of Career and Human Excellence

The training & placement division is called as CACHE which spreads to Centre for Advancement of Career and Human Excellence. The training imparted to students from their first year till they are placed is aimed at making them employable and thus becoming an asset to their employers.

Various innovative methods of teaching are used to make learning an enjoyable experience for the students. The focus of training is on Communication Skills, Aptitude and Soft Skills, Confidence Development, Body Language improvement, inculcating Creativity etc in order to make them responsible individuals. The thrust of the CACHE is to provide students a platform for interaction with the corporate world and to help improve their all-round personality. This is done through lectures, workshops, seminars, information about career opportunities, aptitude tests, communication enhancement lectures, group discussions, interviews, pre-placement talks and debates.

Industrial Visits/Summer Training

Student Visits are organized to various industries to help them expand their academic and technical horizon. These are excellent opportunities for students to gain exposure to real-life work environment and culture. Also, as a part of the curriculum students undergo different training programs in various industrial organisations.