The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering offers M.Tech. ECE (Wireless Communication). The main objective of the Department is to explore the Advanced Electronics and Wireless Technologies and Systems, such as, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Fidelity, Software Defined Radio and Cognitive Radios, Advanced Long Term Evolution, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing, 3G, 4G Technologies, Smart Antennas, WiMAX, MIMO systems. To train the students to take to the advanced level in the field of Electronics and Communication, the exposure to such type of Emerging Wireless Technologies is the need of the day.

The Department has dedicated Ph.D qualified Faculty providing the excellent guidance of the advanced level. Faculty also facilitates the students in the latest Research know-how and exposure in this Field and allied subjects. The Faculty of Electronics and Communication Engineering has Patents and Research Publications in the reputed Journals and attended National and International Conferences in various countries. The faculty members of the department have following four patents to their credit.

Salient features of the Department:
  • A state-of-the-art Wireless Simulation and Research Laboratory which provides facility for advanced research in wireless field.
  • Faculty of the Department has provided the guidance to the Ph.D. Candidates and various students are under the guidance of the dedicated experienced Faculty.
  • The faculty member of the department has following four patents to their credit.
  • A device and method to control the headlights of the vehicles as per eye vision (Registration Number: 829/DEL/2003, Granted 217743, Dated 19-09-2008).
  • A Solution Made Photodiode (Registration Number: 1750/DEL/2004, Published).
  • A Solution Made Phototransistor (Registration Number: 1857/DEL/2004, Published).
  • Wild Intelligence: A Novel Intelligence as Dog Group Wild Chase & Hunt Drive (DGWCHD) (Registration Number: 1957/DEL/2008, Published).