On campus, student housing is must to create a welcoming, comfortable, secure and hygienic living environment. A comfortable stay fosters student learning and overall development.

The University provides accommodation to students studying in different departments at the university campus. Residences (Boy’s Hostel, Girl’s Hostel 01 & Girl’s Hostel 02) located at its main campus are within walking distance from the academic wing. There are 76 rooms in each Girl’s hostel having intake capacity of 94 students and there are 144 rooms in Boy’s hostel having intake capacity of 288 students. The accommodation offered single seater and double seater rooms. For security purposes the boundaries and entrance to the hostels manned by male/female security guards and caretakers. The hostels have well-furnished guest rooms for their visitors. A medical room with para-medical services is available in the hostel with staff nurses on duty for 24 hours.

University is in the process of building more hostels with a large capacity to accommodate more students.

Accommodation is limited thus necessitating the application of entrance criteria, such as:
  • Academic performance
  • Record in good behaviour
  • Disciplinary Record

Hostels are equipped with common rooms with TV, indoor games and other recreational facilities. Basketball court is also available for students. The building is eco-friendly and equipped with Solar Water Heating System for providing 24 hours hot water supply.

University is in the process building more hostels with a capacity to accommodate more students.  University also has a dedicated Housing Cell for helping students to find safe accommodation in Kapurthala and Jalandhar.

Annual Fee structure for Hostel accommodation and Mess
S.No. Charges Amount (in Rs.)
1 Hostel Admission Fee 1,000.00
2 Hostel Rent 4,800.00
3 Establishment Fee 2,000.00
4. Electricity (Electricity bill over & above will be distributed equally among the residents) 3,600.00
5. Water 600.00
6. Maintenance 1,800.00
7. Development Fund 900.00
8. Hostel Welfare Fund 300.00
9. Mess Security
(Refundable if no dues are pending towards student)
Total 18,000.00
Optional Facilities Fee
1. Use of Air-Water Cooler 300.00 per month
2. Use of Air Condition(AC) As per actual bill of the room + 20%
3. Two-wheeler parking 100.00 per month
4. Four-wheeler parking(Subject to the availability) 300.00 per month
Hostel Rules and Regulations

IKGPTU Notification for Hostel Rules and Regulations: