The Central Library of I.K.G. Punjab Technical University is in-housed in its rear building. The three floored library is inter connected, centrally air conditioned, with a seating capacity of more than 500 readers at a time and is well connected and easily approachable from all the departments of the university. The library’s independent building is also near completion and by the year 2017 the library would shift into its independent building.

At present, the library caters to the need of large number of students. The facility is being provided to IKGPTU Research Scholars/ Research Supervisors/ Faculties/ Campus Students/ staff, Distance Education Students, Affiliated Colleges Students/ faculty etc. The library has a good collection of more than 15000 books including Govt. publications, statistical reports, conference proceedings, reference books, text books, scriptures, distance education study materials and fiction and nonfiction books. The I.K.G. PTU library has more than 8000 (PhD/ M Tech research thesis) which provide a vital source of information to the research community.

In its digital collection, the library has nearly 37,000 digital resources including research thesis , utility software’s , study materials, reference works, e books, images, infotainment materials etc. The library has also stored back volumes of important periodicals. The library provides news clipping service to all the departments of the university. The library has also maintained a good and vast record of all the news clippings and advertisements published in regard to I.K.G. PTU from the 2001 to till date.

The library is equipped with the modern electronics amenities also. The library has electronic database of all its collection. The library also provides document delivery service. The library has access to no. of e resources/ databases & e Journals. The facility is being provided through in house Library access and simultaneously through Remote Access facility also. The library provides internet access facility to its users. It also provides reprographics facility to the users. The library is also a member of DELNET which provides free access to a no. of e journals, e books, electronic databases and research publications. The library also has plagiarism checking software facility.

Library Membership

Library Membership Form:

  • Number of books available: 15,000
  • Number of Magazines available: 39 (Subscribed: 14 & 25 Complimentary)
  • Number of Journals subscribed: 90 (Subscribed 30 & 70 Complimentary)
  • Remote Access of e Journals through “Open Athens”.

  • In an endeavor to provide the e-journals at discounted prices to all its affiliated colleges, the University has managed to get 20% discount on subscription of these journals through I. K. Gujral PTU Consortium.

  • Number of e-databases subscribed: 06

    (i) IEEE (IEL Growth Plan)
    (a) Full access of 280+ journals & magazines.
    (b) Access to more than three million documents.
    (c) More than 2,500 approved and published IEEE standards in key technology fields.
    (d) IEEE Redline Versions of Standards.
    (e) IEEE Standards Dictionary Online.
    (f) Back file to the late 1800s for select titles.
    (g) INSPEC abstract/citation and bibliographic records.
    (h) Full access of 24 journal titles, 23 + conference titles, seminar digest of IET content.

    (ii) Science Direct e-Journals: 13 Subject Collections

    (i) Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology (258) (viii) Engineering (221)
    (ii) Business, Management and Accounting (101) (ix) Environment Science (127)
    (iii) Chemical Engineering (99) (x) Materials Science (139)
    (iv) Chemistry (113) (xi) Mathematics (101)
    (v) Computer Science (135) (xii) Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceuticals (84)
    (vi) Economics, Econometrics and Finance (103) (xiii) Physics & Astronomy (113)
    (vii) Energy (67)

    (iii) Science Direct e Books
    1048 (13 Subject Collections)

    (iv) Emerald Management 200
    Core Content – 1, 00,000+ full text articles taken from 200 primary journals and 2, 00,000+ structured review abstracts from a further 300 of world’s top management journals.

    (a) Case Study Collection – more than 1500 cases that are ideal to be used as illustrations of business and management issues, best suited for teaching and learning.
    (b) 500 Literature Review Collection – find the starting point for your next piece of research or locate gaps in the literature.
    (c) Interview Collection – 500+ interview publications of leading figures, popularly referred to as ‘Management Gurus’, from the field of business and management studies.

    (v) DELNET
    The library is a member of DELNET which provides free access to a number of e Journals, e Books, electronic databases and research publications. The brief detail of DELNET is as under:-

    Sr. No. Particulars Records
    1. Union Catalogue of Books 2,28,45,202
    2. Union List of Current Periodicals 37,847
    3. Union Catalogue of Periodicals 20,235
    4. Database of Periodical Articles 9,22,042
    5. CD- ROM Database 22,234
    6. Union List of Video Recordings 6,000
    7. Union List of Sound Recordings 1,025
    8. Theses & Dissertations 81,074

    The library has also signed MoU for Inter Library Loan with DELNET where any required book/ journal/cd etc can be asked on loan from 2084 libraries of seven countries United States, UAE, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Oman, Nepal and India.

    (vi) Gale Cengage
    (a) Infotrac Engineering Science & Technology Collection (2278)
    (b) Infotrac Management Collection (2006)
    (c) Infotrac Pharmacy Collection (511)
    (d) Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection (1440).
    (e) Culinary Arts Collection (360).
    (f) GREENR (967)
    (g) Infotrac Social Science Collection (697)