The Publication Bureau was established to make available quality books for higher education at a low cost and to inculcate a habit of reading among the students. The Publication Bureau is engaged in publication of translated books in Science and Engineering. It was established primarily for the development and enrichment of Punjabi language. However, over a period of time, the University started contributing significantly in other disciplines also.


The major publications of the University are as under:
  • Annant Da Gyata : Srinivas Ramanujan (A Book on life sketch & contribution of Srinivas Ramanujan)
  • Takneeki Sikhya De Sunahree Maukey (3 Volumes).
  • Nawa Vigyan : Sade Hisse Da Aakash(A Book on science & technology in Punjabi), written by Dr.Kuldip Singh Dhir.
  • Bharat Di Gauravmayee Vigiyanak Parampra(Translated version of India’s Glorious Scientific Tradition)
  • Navian Dishavan Khojda Bharat (Translated version of India Innovates)
  • Navian Khojan Naven Jugad (Translated version of Sixth National Grassroots Innovation & Outstanding Traditional Knowledge Awards).
The following books are in process of Publication:
  • India Innovates
  • Sixth National Grassroots Innovation & Outstanding Traditional Knowledge Awards.
  • Memories of Ruchi Ram Sahni : Pioneer of Science Popularisation in Punjab.
  • Gurmukhi Lipi Main Hindi Kavya

  • The Golden Age of Mathematics
Books Published